SIM Not working in the EU

My id mobile sim is fitted into a car and used for data connections.
Since crossing the channel i am not able to connect up and use any functionality.
My car settings are all set for roaming, and so it appears is my id mobile sim. But end results is that the car doesn't connect to the network.
The car knows that Orange F (French network) is about and is supposedly trying to connect, but it never does.

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Hello @pgbish,

Welcome to the iD Community!

Are you using a Data only SIM or a normal iD SIM (plan that comes with minutes and texts also)?

I'm not sure how the interface for your Car system works but are you able to configure the APN settings?

They need to be set up to the iD settings.

Please try deleting your current APN settings and add a fresh new setting with the following:
Name: iD
APN: id

MMS Proxy:
MMS APN Username:
MMS APN Password:
MMS Port: 8799

* anything with should be left blank

EDIT: I've moved your topic to the Coverage, international & roaming section of our community.
My SIM is data + text + minutes. I wasn't aware i could buy a data only sim. Would this eliminated the solution as mentioned below? If so, can i swap?

I made a phone call into ID Mobile and and they told me that i had to take the SIM out of the car and put it into a mobile phone so it can connect to the network, and then after put it back into the car and it should work.
The problem was that i didn't have an unblocked mobile phone with me that accepted the ID SIM, so was unable to try this out.
I am now back in the UK and it is working in the UK, but it didn't work at all in France. So next time i go to France i will take my unblocked phone with me.

All the settings on the car are set to allow roaming.

I am told that i have to do this procedure every time i go to France.
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Hi @pgbish,

It's not possible to swap over from a PAYM SIM to a Data-only SIM due to the way they're configured in the accounts. This wouldn't eliminate the solution above, just that it could be an issue as to why it's not working.

I think that the problem lies in the APN settings.

A common problem is when you first put the SIM in a device, the SIM get's Three UK's APN settings. This works fine in the UK but not abroad.

If you're able to change the settings from your Car system this should *fingers crossed* fix the issue for you.

The correct APN settings are required alongside the Roaming options being turned on for you to be able to use services abroad.

From what i could find in my car, i can select auto or manual connection. With Auto it has found iD, with manual if i enter iD as a network and leave user/password blank it still connects ok. But i cannot see anywhere about the MMSC and MMS settings
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Hi @pgbish,

Let us know how you get on and if you continue to have issues. It may be down to the SIM not being a Data-only SIM also.

I don't see an option in my account to get a "Data only" SIM, is one available from iD mobile
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Hey @pgbish,

You can find Data Only SIMs here

I am out in France again, and i tried what the lady on the phone told me to do, which was to put the SIM in a mobile phone while in France and then put it back in my car. Unfortunately i still cant connect to the internet while in France.

Other than changing to a data only SIM, any other suggestions?
the link to data only sims now doesn't work, have you stopped offering these?
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Hi @pgbish,

Our calls/texts/data SIM cards are only designed to be used within a phone or tablet, so when used in a car, it is hit and miss whether or not it will work, so on this occasion, there isn't anything else that we can suggest I'm afraid.

In regards to the Data Only SIM plans, we currently have none available for purchase.

So i need to cancel my contract then, as the sim supplied doesn't work in EU??
This is not what i was told by ID before.
I did a search for data only sims and Carphone warehouse has several ID Mobile data only sims showing
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Hi @pgbish,

The SIM will work whilst in the EU, but it has to be placed within a compatible device which is something we have no control over.

We don't currently sell data only SIM cards directly through our site at this time as our Calls/Text/Data SIM card plans are more cost effective and offer better allowances to you for the price that you pay.

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Hi there. I've been using my iD SIM in UK fine for calls, text & data. I'm now in Spain and data does not work. iD chat have sent me the settings - but they are not accessible on my iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 12). iD referred me to Apple who say that it is an iD problem and that iD need to enable to APN settings on my phone. I can't even seem to do a Network reset which I have been told might resolve the problem. Thanks for any suggestions. I'm a little reluctant to do a complete iPhone reset while abroad in case the phone will not function again properly. Thanks James
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Well problem solved - I used these instructions
  1. On your iOS device, open Settings > General.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and open Profiles. If you do not see a "Profiles" section, you do not have a configuration profile installed.
  3. In the "Profiles" section, select the profile you wish to remove and tap Remove Profile.
I removed the iD SIM, removed the old Virgin Mobile profile from my phone (as above), switched the iPhone 6s Plus off and then on. Switched off again and re-inserted the iD SIM, switched back on and now data has started working in Spain for the first time! A result - Thank the Lord.