Using iD when in the USA

  • 24 April 2019
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I am in the US and have not been able to use my phone. The roaming has been blocked. I am furious as I could not even ring for a cab. What is the matter with ID?

1 reply

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Hi @Dizzy wiz,

It's unfortunate to hear about what has happened here. Our roaming feature requires activating manually as this prevents people from racking up an unexpected bill if ever they go abroad.

Is roaming turned on within the settings of your phone? If so, you'll also need to use our app or log in to your account online to turn the roaming services on in order to make a call etc.

Another thing that can stop roaming from working would be due to your bill cap being reached or more commonly, being set to £0. If you require the cap adjusting, this can also be done by using our iD Mobile App or online by logging into your account. Here is the link to our MyAccount website in case you need it.