Using my phone abroad

  • 18 January 2019
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Hi there,

I had a monthly rolling contract (30 days) with you and when I called to disconnect the phone was told I could still use my sim card as normal after the disconnection date as a pay as you go sim. (I only had to too up from the app apparently) After now being in a different country and after the disconnection date I have found this to be completely untrue and now stuck in a forgein country without any access to my UK SIM card. I want this looked into why I was told the wrong information. As I can now no longer call or text the UK.

1 reply

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Hello @Monique,

This sounds like something you'd need to contact us in order for us to investigate.

When a contract is returned within the returns period, it'll automatically be converted into a PAYG plan.
If it's disconnected after this period, then it'll simply be cancelled NOT converted to a PAYG plan.

We don't manually convert from PAYM to PAYG plans vice versa.

Have you tried logging into the iD app to see if the SIM is still active?

It's possible that it is indeed a PAYG plan and you'll simply need to turn on Roaming in the app as well as top-up to use your phone abroad.