Using your phone abroad

  • 24 August 2018
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ID mobile does not work in Belgium, my son has been there for six days now and has not been able to use his data, we have tried absolutely everything from the phone settings to the account settings it's not the phone or the Belgium networks because he has gone with a group of scouts and there's quite a lot of them and not one of them as had trouble connecting to Belgiums network only my son who is on ID mobile.....his friends are either with BT mobile, orange or O2.....don't know what else to try so come to the conclusion you can't connect with ID mobile

1 reply

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Hello @Maxg,

There's a featured topic at the side regarding Roaming and setting your phone up for abroad.

It may be worth checking this out first as there's a few things he'll need to do to ensure his phone works abroad.