data usage suddenly soared

  • 19 February 2021
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Hi guys. Hope someone can help. 

I’ve been with ID mobile since autumn 2020 if not longer. I use on average between 1-2GB every month, therefore I alway have data rolled over. HOWEVER with 14 days to go until my next bill, the app is telling me I’ve used almost 6GB of data this month! Because of lockdown I’m in the house using wifi. I’ve checked my apps and I can’t see big drainers there. Please help as this does not seem right at all and I don’t want to pay for a boost when there is 4-5GB of data unaccounted for. 
from previous bills I’ve used: 767MB (Dec 20): 1180MB (Jan 21): 1315MB (Feb 21)  


Am I missing something obvious here? Any advice welcome. 

5 replies

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We can certainly check this out. Firstly I would advise checking your allowance and usage to check the data usage. Just log into the iD App or the iD Account area and you'll be able to see exactly what you've used. You can also monitor your usage by calling 7777, where you'll be able to listen to your available allowances through the automated service.

If you still require assistance please get back to us and we can look into it for you.




Hello Kash. It says that from the 5th of Feb till now (21 feb) I have used 5.58GB. 

This can not be right as I only use 1-2GB within a month. I’ve no apps draining the data and my ‘use data when WiFi is weak’ is not activated. 

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Hi @ID mobile confusion  

That does seem like a lot of data used in less than 3 weeks, especially compared to the previous months. We will send you a Private Message so we can look into this for you. To view the message sent. 


Thank you. I’ve just replied to your PM

End result - Issue not resolved. The only suggestions given after checking device settings were for me to pay the data bolt on for more data this month or change my subscription to pay for a higher data allowance.