Faulty charger

  • 26 April 2020
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Hi I had my upgrade a week ago and it obviously came with a brand new charger. The charger hasnt been moved around and only I have used it and it has already stopped working  ? Is there a possibility I could get a new one ? As a week for a genuine apple charger sounds a bit odd ? 

3 replies

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Hi @Robynlloydy,

I am sorry to hear this! The charger should last for at least until the warranty period of the accessory ends, so a week is not right. I will DM you now with how we can help you sort this.



My charger has suddenly stopped working for my Samsung Galaxy A70.

I've not had the phone for a year yet.

The charger hasn't moved and nobody else has access to it.

The lead ends are not like other phones and neither end is USB which I did think bizarre, so you cant use anyones elses charger lead or charger/usb point.

This now makes it very awkward for me, I've continued to work and need 24/7 phone access.


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Hi there @Dave R 

It would be worth contacting Samsung Support UK as they’d be the people to speak to for warranty support whilst some things are still closed due to Covid-19. 

If the lead hasn’t been subject to physical damage through wear and tear, then they may be able to help with a replacement.


I believe it’s a USB-C type charging lead on the Samsung A70, which is a lead most phones released in the past 2-3 leads use currently.