How to download iOS apps from The App Store

  • 20 March 2018
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If you’ve got a shiny new iPhone or iPad, you’ll be wanting to fill it with lots of great apps and other content. The App Store is the place to do this - it’s got over a million apps and games ready and waiting to transform your device. If you haven’t downloaded anything from it before, or are feeling a little bit rusty, here’s a rundown of what to do:

1. Tap the App Store icon on your device to launch it.

2. Find the app you want. You can search by tapping the magnifying icon on the bottom right of the screen, and then filling out the search bar, or you can explore the other icons. If your device is running the latest iOS 11 operating system you can:

Today suggests games and apps ‘of the day’ for you.

Games is the place for the latest and greatest mobile games.

Apps lets you search a number of categories (‘Top Free’, ‘This Week’s Favourites’ etc.) for your app of choice.

3. When you find what you want, it’s time to download and install it. Tap the app or game’s icon, then tap ‘Get’ if it’s free, or tap on the price if it’s paid for.

4. If it’s a paid for app or game, you’ll now need to place your finger on the Home button to activate Touch ID.

5. Your app or game will now be installed.

You can automatically download your apps and games onto other devices

If you own more than one Apple device, you can automatically download apps and games onto them if they’re all under the same Apple ID. Here’s how to set this up:

1. Tap the Settings icon to launch it.

2. Tap ‘iTunes & App Store’.

3. Under ‘Automatic Downloads’, tap ‘Apps’ to toggle the switch on.

You can automatically install apps and game updates

A lot of apps and games get regular updates. These will usually be to fixing bugs and glitches, or add new content. You can choose to make your updates happen automatically. If you do this, you don’t have to keep checking for updates:

1. Tap the Settings icon to launch it.

2. Tap ‘iTunes & App Store’.

3. Under ‘Automatic Downloads’, tap ‘Updates’ to toggle the switch on.

You can restrict in-app purchases

If you let your kids play games on your device, we strongly suggest you restrict in-app purchases. Lots of games – even free ones – contain paid-for content that’s all too easy for youngsters to purchase! Unless you do this, of course:

1. Tap the Settings icon to launch it.

2. Tap ‘General’, then tap ‘Restrictions’.

3. Tab ‘Enable Restrictions’, then create a 4-digit ‘Restrictions Passcode’ and re-enter it to confirm. Make sure it’s a different passcode from the one you use to unlock your device.

4. You (or your kids) are now restricted from making in-app purchases - unless you enter the passcode.

If you’ve got any other questions, comments or suggestions on downloading content from The App Store, post a reply below.

3 replies

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Hi @martinaje

Are you still having problems with this?

Are you able to update your Apple phone to the latest version of iOS? it could well be that you're unable to access the store because your phone is on outdated firmware.

Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Search for your desired app, click on it and then click on 'Get'. The download should start. It might ask you to verify your Apple ID credentials before starting the download.
I can't use Apple store because There was an error connecting to the apple id server. It could not be recognize my authentication to get the app store service. What should I do to ignore this. Or give any Apple ID expert.