I have just joined but my iphone is still connected to giffgaff carrier

  • 3 September 2019
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I’ve recently just joined ID mobile but I can’t seen to able to use my phone unless I have no sim inside or out my old sim back in which was Giffgaff which says no service since Giffgaff had given my old phone number to someone else and my iPhone 6 is saying sim not supported everytime I put in ID sim in so I’m wonder how do I get my new sim to work because I am paying monthly and would like to able to use it.
thank you if anyone could help me

3 replies

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Hey @Kakes23

I am little confused on what is happening here. You are using iPhone 6 that previously worked with giffgaff but you have got now Sim Only deal with iD Mobile and your phone says that your new Sim is not supported?

If this is the case then your phone is going to be Simlocked to your previous provider and you would need to ask them to unlock it for you or you could go to your local phone shop and they could get it unlocked but this is paid service.

Let me know if I understood your enquiry correcty.

Kind Regards
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Howdy @Kakes23 and thanks for getting in touch here.

It sounds odd that your phone isn't playing ball so to speak with our network.

Where was the iPhone originally bought from? Are you 100% certain it's not locked to GiffGaff (or O2)? Are you able to try other (non GiffGaff/O2) SIM's in that phone to see if they work?

It could well be that you just need to have the phone unlocked by the previous network you see, then things should work fine we'd expect.
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Hi @Kakes23 may be GiffGaff is in the process of switching you to another provider.