Iphone 7 unable to send texts unless on Wifi

  • 27 January 2020
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Hi, I transferred over to ID mobile from O2 and since doing this have been unable to send text messages unless connected to Wifi. imessages are sending no problem.
The phone did not have this issue until using the ID sim, I am unable to view any APN settings so cannot check/change these manually.

ID support advised that in order for an Iphone to send text messages you need to disable imessaging which has to be the weirdest advice i have ever been given, (and for reference “ID Mobile” I have imessaging enabled on my other 2 iphones and have no problems sending text messages on Vodafone or Giffgaff).

Any suggestions to resolve this would be appreciated as this has been ongoing for 3mths now.


7 replies

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Hello Ian,


Though the advice may sound weird, the issue is usually caused by iMessage so it’s something incorrect necessarily being advised.


When you port your number, regardless of the network, iMessage doesn’t automatically get the ported number, which can cause problems.


Try this for me and see if it works:

1)    Try turning off iMessage (Settings > Messages)
2)    Restart your phone (by pressing and holding the on/off button)
3)    Tap Settings > Phone > My Number and confirm that it is correct. 
4)    If it is not correct, please enter the correct number
5)    Turn iMessage back to On (Settings > Messages)
6)    Finally, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and see if the correct number is displayed under “Start new conversations from:”. 

Let me know how you get on.



Hello Mohammed.

I have tried the above and still the same, the numbers were shown correct so no problem with that.

I tried a network reset again and still the same. This issue has only been since moving to ID mobile before that we had no problems with the phone whatsoever in sending text messages.



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Hello @IanG,


Thanks for clarifying, I’ve un-marked the answer for you.


Can you do some tests for me?


What happens when you call your ported number?

What happens when you call the temporary number (number assigned to the SIM when you purchased it)

What happens when someone texts your number (ported)?

What happens when someone texts the temporary number?


Let us know as it may be an issue with a partial port completing.




Calls to ported number no problem works as it should

Don’t know what temporary number was (never used ported straight away)

Texts to ported number work fine

Don’t know temporary number.




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Hi @IanG 

Does the iPhone display only the correct number within “Settings > Your Profile (top option) > Name, Phone Numbers, Email”?


yes phone only displays the correct number in settings.


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Hello @IanG,


Try turning OFF iMessage and then sending a text, does this work okay?