messages failing to send following port

  • 14 October 2020
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Firstly I don’t have “me” in my contacts so do I need to add myself manually?


secondly I ported my number over when I got my iPhone 11 about a month ago but I’ve never been able to send text messages. This is a really silly issue but the Help at ID via chatbot and FAQs is useless


can anyone help with my text issue? I’m close to leaving !!!

1 reply

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Hello @Willow80,

Yes, you’ll need to add your own number as a Me contact if you wanted to keep this. This isn’t automatically done on devices.

Has the number ported successfully? When you call a friend or family, is the new number showing?

In regards to texts, try this:


1)    Turn off iMessage (Settings > Messages)
2)    Restart your phone (by pressing and holding the on/off button)
3)    Tap Settings > Phone > My Number and confirm that it is correct. 
4)    If it is not correct, please enter the correct number
5)    Turn iMessage back to On (Settings > Messages)
6)    Finally, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and see if the correct number is displayed under “Start new conversations from:”. 


Let us know how you get on.