Phone gone mad

  • 19 March 2020
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So last night I downloaded a particular app for the first time.

Could be coincidence but…

  1. Noticed as I was going sleep that I wasnt connected to my WiFi, though in my bedroom it can be hit and miss.
  2. Put my phone on charge and at 4am unplugged it as it was fully charged.
  3. Got up at 6am and it was on 80%
  4. Got work at 7.30, 17%
  5. On charge all day, hovered between 13 and 17%.
  6. Changed battery, no effect.
  7. Cannot log onto my WiFi, keeps saying ‘cannot connect’ and ‘incorrect password’ even though I’m entering the correct one. 
  8. Back of phone red hot.
  9. Phone dipped to 2% at 4.30pm, been on charge 6 hours, only on 26%. 
    Anyone any ideas before I launch it at the wall?? 
    Thanks in advance


4 replies

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Hey @Valiant9 


I might be the app that you downloaded is running so many constant processes in the background that is draining the battery super fast. If you are using Android phone you can check which app is using battery the most by going to Settings. Place where you can find vary on the brand that you have so would help me to navigate you to the right place if I knew which phone you are using. 


Another trick you can try is to use your phone in Safe Mode which will turn off all downloaded apps and run only on the ones that are default. If your battery will go back to normal in this mode it means that one of the apps is causing it. To find out how to enter safe mode just google "(Your brand) enable safe mode". 


Kind Regards 


Hi Gregor, thank you so much for your reply, it’s very good of you. It’s the iPhone 6s Plus, I’ve only had it since May!


if you could offer any help it would be greatly ap

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Hey @Valiant9 

 Unfortunately with Apple is never easy to fix these things, if you are not feeling comfortable with tweaking things around I would recommend you to visit your nearest Carphone Warehouse or Team KnowHow to see if they can help but in the situation of coronavirus that is not the best solution right now. 


Only thing I could think of is to backup all the data on iTunes and factory reset the phone then test it without any of your personal data and see if problems persist and restore your data with iTunes after the test. 


Also @terrywebbs is good at these things so hopefully he will visit your thread as well and will have another better idea.


Kind Regards


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@Valiant9 not going to be easy to diagnose this problem however the recent app is probably just a coincidence!

Most issues like this can be resolved by simply turning off the device and then charging it with the original wall charger/cable for at least 4-6 hours or until fully charged. You must leave it switched off until fully charged! However if it gets very warm during this time try the network reset, this will possibly be the solution that works best however we must eliminate all others first as below.


1. Bad Connection

In areas with poor or reduced connectivity, iPhone has to expend more time searching for and maintaining network connections. This in turn uses more energy which causes the battery to heat up.

Possible Solution

You can try turning Airplane Mode on and see if you have the same problem with heating up. I also have an iPhone and I myself notice that it does not heat up if I am out in the open, but it heats up and drains the battery if I am in the basement of a large concrete building.

2. Case?

If you have a case for your iPhone, you should expect that it heats up. The case, while it does protect your phone, also blocks some air from coming out and consequently causes the hot air to be trapped inside the phone. This will cause your iPhone to heat up almost indefinitely.

Possible Solution

When you are charging your iPhone, take it out of its case. While this may be inconvenient, it will help.

3. CPU Usage

If your phone is heating up, you may have a lot of applications open. Also, if you were playing a lot of games, then you can expect an increase in CPU usage and temperature as well.

All of the listed items below can contribute to an increase in CPU Usage:

  • Games
  • Data Usage (Facebook, Emails)
  • Fetch/Push Data

Possible Solutions

  1. Do a Network Connections Reset (Go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings, then reboot (you will lose WiFi passwords)

  2. Try disabling the following apps (in Settings => General => Restrictions): Multiplayer Games, Ping, App Store, iTunes Store. Then reboot. 

4. Defect

If nothing else works, then it is also quite possible that your iPhone is defective and if this continues to occur as you have stated, I would take it to an Apple Store. They may be able to better diagnose the problem.