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  • 27 February 2019
  • 2 replies

I recently bought an iPhone 8 on contract but there’s a few problems with it but I don’t have time to send it back and wait for a replacement so I was wondering if I could go into a car phone warehouse store and they would be able to replace it there and then

2 replies

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Hi @Andrewcrook2000

I know that you get return your phone for replacement if fault has been detected within 30 days since your purchase date. I am not sure though if you would be able to get replacement on the spot as from what I know it has to go through Apple first. The best would be if you go to see sales team member in Carphone and ask them for details, they will have all the knowledge regarding procedures and how to handle your warranty claim in the best and most convenient way.

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Hi @Andrewcrook2000,

What seems to be the issue that you're having with your phone? Generally, any faults can be dealt with at a Carphone Warehouse store, but we'll try our best to sort this here first.