replacement sim in a different size want to order online

  • 2 July 2020
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is this possible does anyone know?  I have been using a borrowed Sansung Galaxy using a micro sim ordered a new iphone directly from Apple arrived yesterday - sim card doesn’t fit?  needs a Nano i think?  it’s an SE 2nd generation brand new .. how do i get a replacement sim the website told me to contact Carphone Warehouse they told me to go back to ID Mobile - rock hard place!  need it moving house recently bereaved on my own now need a phone that works vital!

3 replies

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Sorry we didn’t see this topic sooner @anniedog 

We’ll send you a private message now so that we can help get a replacement SIM on it’s way to you and take care of the rest for you there too.

Hi, I have just purchased a Huawei y6s I need a sim that will fit with my number


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Hello @Conornathan,

All of our recent SIM cards are 3-in-1 SIMS

I’ve included a diagram below, you should be able to pop out the smaller SIM that’s required.

Let us know how you get on.