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  • 20 February 2020
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Hi, I have an iPhone 7 and when I click on show caller ID, it just shows a spinning wheel. Usually I turn my phone on and off and it goes away, I have tried turning it on and off, soft reset, network reset, closed all apps, enabled Siri etc and nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

6 replies

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Hi @LaurenK,

We are sorry to hear about this issue! At present when you make a call to someone, do they see “No Caller ID” or something similar on their screen when you are making calls and if so, does it happen on every call?


Hello I also am having this issue.

 Whenever I make a call it comes up on their phone as ‘no caller ID’ or ‘unknown’, and I can’t call my doctors as I get an automated response saying they don’t accept calls from anonymous numbers. I ported my number over recently.

Hi @Ryan, as in I would like to turn my caller ID on, but instead of the toggle appearing, I am just getting a spinning grey wheel. I have never previously had a problem with this. Apparently it may be a network issue? I use my phone for work so it essential I have the facility to turn my caller ID on and off

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Hey there.

Has this always been a problem since you switched over to iD Mobile @LaurenK? @castalia?

Or has this only started to be an issue recently?

Also, @castalia, what phone is it you’re using?  We’ll pop the question over to our Tech Team to see if we can get some advice on how to resolve this.

Hi @Kevin this has been a problem since I switched over a couple of weeks ago. My phone is an iPhone 8. 

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Thanks for that @castalia

With you both being on iPhone’s that might hopefully narrow down the diagnosis of the problem here for our Tech Teams.

Just to check, are you both running the most recent versions of iOS? (are your phones up to date?).