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  • 20 February 2020
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Hi, I have an iPhone 7 and when I click on show caller ID, it just shows a spinning wheel. Usually I turn my phone on and off and it goes away, I have tried turning it on and off, soft reset, network reset, closed all apps, enabled Siri etc and nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

15 replies

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Hi @LaurenK,

We are sorry to hear about this issue! At present when you make a call to someone, do they see “No Caller ID” or something similar on their screen when you are making calls and if so, does it happen on every call?


Hello I also am having this issue.

 Whenever I make a call it comes up on their phone as ‘no caller ID’ or ‘unknown’, and I can’t call my doctors as I get an automated response saying they don’t accept calls from anonymous numbers. I ported my number over recently.

Hi @Ryan, as in I would like to turn my caller ID on, but instead of the toggle appearing, I am just getting a spinning grey wheel. I have never previously had a problem with this. Apparently it may be a network issue? I use my phone for work so it essential I have the facility to turn my caller ID on and off

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Hey there.

Has this always been a problem since you switched over to iD Mobile @LaurenK? @castalia?

Or has this only started to be an issue recently?

Also, @castalia, what phone is it you’re using?  We’ll pop the question over to our Tech Team to see if we can get some advice on how to resolve this.

Hi @Kevin this has been a problem since I switched over a couple of weeks ago. My phone is an iPhone 8. 

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Thanks for that @castalia

With you both being on iPhone’s that might hopefully narrow down the diagnosis of the problem here for our Tech Teams.

Just to check, are you both running the most recent versions of iOS? (are your phones up to date?).

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I also have the same issue. Have never needed the feature before and now all I can see where the toggle is supposed to be is a spinning wheel. I’ve tried resetting my network settings, restarting, taking my sim out and inserting it back in. No luck. Any help?

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Turn on data, try again when you see the spinning wheel wait a while, if it still spinning after 30 seconds, go back to the previous phone menu then go forward (don’t close the menu just back and forth)


My iPhone does the same if you go back to the previous menu and then forward it works - it’s a network issue! Does this on Call forwarding and some of the other menus, no idea why turning data on works it just does!

My wife and I are both on ID and we can’t hide our numbers either. The wheel just spins which is really frustrating. 

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@Halecrater  just came across this untested idea from wiki/T-mobile

To hide your number, using your phones dial keypad type:

*31#PhoneNumber (replace PhoneNumber with your actual mobile number)

then to revert back to showing your number simply do this:



Worse case you get an error message on the screen, nothing more!

Just tested it myself and it doesn’t work on my mobile - will keep looking

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from your phones dial keypad type one of the following:

#31#     then press send - this will show name and number on outgoing calls

*31#     then press send - this will hide name and number on outgoing calls

tested working on my iphone


I too have this problem when trying to switch my caller id back on.

It’s very annoying. I thought it was my old iPhone 6, which was playing up in other ways. But have since just bought a new iPhone SE, swapped my Sim card over and I still can’t get the caller id toggle to work.

It just spins endlessly.

I would be very grateful for any help.


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Hello @ZNS,


Looking at the Apple forums, it looks like it’s a common issue with the iPhones. 

Some of the steps mentioned above by @terrywebbs  should help fix this and others have recommended restarting and trying again.



Unfortunately none of the above steps outlined by @terrywebbs have worked…. nor does re-starting my phone and trying again.

As suggested this seems to be a network issue.. I would hope ID mobile might be able to help me a little bit more … Please?!

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Hello @ZNS,


Not a problemm we can escalate to our TechTeam to look into.

I’ll PM you with how to get in touch with us to allow us to do this.