Small Phones (not screen size, the actual phone)

  • 10 May 2020
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I want a phone which is small (not the screen, the actual phone needs to be small)

4 replies

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Smart phones by there very nature are quite big these days.

What size do you consider is too big? I have an iPhone 6s which to me is small at 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm relatively the same size as the new iPhonne SE just released a bargain price mobile and cheaper than what I paid for my 6s.

Google search results wont help you, as I just found out, they still show all the current ones, that in my opinion are massive, an advertising ploy to sell more current mobiles!!!

Older smart phones such as the iPhone 5s and sony xperia ray, were quite small in comparison to present day.

Bog standard mobiles are easy to come by in the form of the old nokia style ones such as the Doro.

It all depends what you need the mobile to do for you?

Do you need the smart capabilities such as internet and apps?
OR just calls, text and basic internet?

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I use the internet and at present I am using my old iPhonse SE which fits easily in my pockets. Bigger phones do not. I phone people, text and use email and Siri.

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If you like Apple then stick to them, try the 6s or the NEW iPhone SE mobile… in my opinion!
Was thinking of buying the new SE myself so darn cheap!!!! I upgraded from the iPhone 5s to the 6s and never looked back, only a tad bigger all round.

If you look at the specifications it should show you the actual size of the mobile (most websites do show this not all), screen sizes of 4.7 are generally the smaller mobiles, not many of those about.

A mobile size of up to 138mm x 67mm is the maximum that will fit neatly in the pocket (with a case) I know from experience :wink: .

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Hey @jeanie46 

Unfortunately all phones nowadays are getting bigger ans bigger. At this moment the most compact and powerful at the same time are Samsung Galaxy s10e and Iphone 11 Pro.  They both have 5.8" screen and are below 145cm tall. To he honest these are the only two choices worth considering when looking for something more compact below 145cm mark. When you look for something bigger than 145cm tall but smaller than 150cm then you can find likes of Galaxy A40.


Kind Regards