Text Messages not sending

  • 21 February 2021
  • 2 replies

My text messages aren’t sending from my iPhone 8 I have tried.

  • turning phone on and off.
  • reseting networks settings.
  • ensuring setting are correct under the messages tab in settings.

Can anyone help?

The problem started when my old number switched to ID mobile, at first it sent the message three time but not they won’t send at all.

I have signal, data, can make calls and send iMessages.

2 replies

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Hi @Green41117,

When did you port your number over to iD Mobile? Are you also having issues with receiving text messages?

Could you try the SIM in a different handset to check if this makes a difference?

Once we know more we can advise further.






I’ve been having the same issue with my new iPhone SE. I don’t have another device to put my sim into. Every message I send says message undelivered and sometimes people do in fact review them although 3+ times!


I’ve tried to connect ID mobiles but can not get through. I have also used the bot to for help, but it was unable to. 


My phone was purchased from ID mobiles.


Many thanks