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  • 26 February 2021
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I have one year since I don't have signal at all in my house and the problem is if someone calling us didn't get the vocal message I send more emails to Id but nothing It was difficult in this period because nobody from Id not answer on the phone like before and I want to mention I used to have 2 monthly sim with ID and 2 contracts OI spend monthly £76 it's a lot of money and when I contacted them they told me is from home but let me mention in one year I bought 2 new Iphone it means is not from the phone .In one email one men who works on ID promising me I will get an discount but when I contacted again on the chat that lady told me to send it prove What proves should I send it I have pictures with no signal on the top on the phone and one line on the bar of the signal I am so upset and disappointed I know they take advantage of this situation and from the fact we can call them 

3 replies

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Hi @sevastreoana37,

We are very sorry to hear about that, please can you let us know your postcode so we can check the coverage in your area?

Also, when you mention you have 2 new iPhones, were they bought from us on new contracts or bought from elsewhere?


My postcode is IG6 and I already check on that app from ID the coverage and it shows indoor not good signal and is bad because from one year our family time is most indoor but the signal is bad even around my area

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Hello @sevastreoana37,

Have you got the full postcode?

We would check via our internal checker which only support teams have access to. 

This gives a more in depth review of the masts in your area.