Unlock iphone 6s

  • 13 November 2018
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I had a contract with ID mobile and have now upgraded my handset. I am wanting to sell my old iphone 6s handset however it is locked to iD mobile.I filled in an unlocking request form a month or so ago but handset still appears locked as my husband's SIM on O2 does not work in it.What do I need to do to get it unlocked?

6 replies

Can you help me unlock an iPhone 6s please?
It was locked to o2, they say they have unlocked it but it still comes up with the phone locked message, they said to contact id...

Thank you.
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Hey @Nicaren & @Goodmanp,

I've merged your topics together as it appears you both have the same issue here.

As @Hikari has advised above, you can contact us via Live Chat which should be the quickest way to get in touch.

We'd need to access your account in order to unlock your iPhone device.

This would mean contacting us privately via one of the contacts above and we'll be able to raise this to our TechTeam that can get this processed.

Please note, there's a few things that are looked into when unlocking a handset, such as time with the network, outstanding balances etc but if we're unable to unlock your handset, you'd be advised why.

its not actually the same issue but i have sent an email to support and I'll try live chat if that doesn't work.
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Hi @Goodmanp,

I have replied to your email just now. I'm afraid that a phone bought from another supplier would need to be unlocked by the original supplier; we would be unable to have the phone unlocked on this occasion.



Could you please help me to unlock my iPhone 6s ?

im stuck abroad with the current situation so I need to have a back up phone and it won’t accept a foreign SIM card!

The iPhone IMEI is 



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Hi @Georg 

I have sent you a private message with more details.