Which iPhone should i get?

  • 15 February 2021
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I have had an original iPhone SE for quite a few years and the battery is almost dead now.  I can’t currently get to the Apple store for a new battery to be fitted so might buy a new phone.  The new SE seems to do most things except 5 G but the battery life doesn’t seem that good.  The 11 pro max has great battery life but is big and expensive - or the 12 mini might do the job and provide 5 g for the future.  Anyone got any advice?

3 replies

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Hi @meharibear,


It’s all down to preference really. Like you’ve said, one may last longer, but if the size is going to cause you inconvenience, is it worth the pay off?


We do offer 14 day change of mind period on handsets though, so it does allow you to try one out, and then return it if you find it’s not quite right for you.




Thanks.  I had to get a new third party battery fitted in the end so the immediate panic is resolved.  However I will be coming into the store once this is all over to play with the alternative phones.  Thanks for the reminder about the 14 day exchange.

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No Problem @meharibear - We are happy to hear you have managed to get the battery issues resolved. You can also check out reviews of all new phones on Youtube, many videos are made on phone reviews and this may help you before making your purchase and give you a good idea of how the phone works.