Wi-Fi Calling NOT working on iPhone XS

  • 27 November 2020
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I am new customer to iD mobile and I cant get my Wi-Fi Calling to work. It is switched to enabled on my phone. via Settings » Mobile Data » Wi-Fi Calling   On>  I tested it by putting the phone into Airplane mode and when I tried to make a call, even though I am connected to my Wi-Fi Network, a message comes up saying..

No Network Connection
Connect to a Wi-Fi network or disable
Airplane Mode to make a call.
>>Disable Airplane Mode«

Having being an EE customer in the past you got a message on the top left had on the screen saying “EE Wi-Fi Call” when it is active, even on Airplane Mode and with iD Mobile Im getting nothing and doesn't seem to be working.

Am I missing something? Anyone know a fix? 

Thank you 

3 replies

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Try to reset network settings.

Will you able to connect another WiFi networks.

I have tried both and the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work in two different locations. Is there something I’m missing here?

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Hello @CharlieUK,

Where did you get the handset from?

Was this from iD or elsewhere? I think that the firmware on the device may be making it incompatible with using WiFi Calling.

Try updating to the latest software if you haven’t already.