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  • 12 June 2020
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I’m trying to cancel my sim only contract, I don’t have access to my idmobile account, therefore I can’t cancel throught the app or get the 4 pin customer support code and cancel it through the automated calls. I have not made an idmobile account in my name, and it does not allow me to register/login. Please can I have some assistance.


7 replies

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Hi @jagmit 

Welcome to the iD Community.

So sorry to hear you want to leave us at iD Mobile.

Please contact our Live Chat team who can help you with your cancellation.

They’re available between 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Once you land on this page, scroll down to see the Live Chat section. 

The Live Chat button may not always appear as ‘available’. If so, it may be a matter of waiting, until an agent is available, so please be patient.

Once the agent is available the button appears blue, indicating that an agent is available.

No need to refresh the page, this will happen automatically.

Let us know how you get on.



I am trying to cancel my sim only contract.  Looked at all help lines and useful (not) information that’s supposed to help.  I have downloaded the app and tried to cancel as per instructions via account.  It states go to account, tap on thinking of leaving?  Tap on that you get “start switching now”.  Tap on that you get “end your I’d mobile plan” Tap on that you get PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  When you do that it takes you to a webpage UNDER CONSTUCTION.    So I thought I would give it a go and ask for PAC code.  Get a message with the code so I think, great sorted now.  NOPE,  the company I was trying to switch to send me a message stating that the PAC code provided is reported to having already been used or given to another network provider????

You cannot make this up.  I again requested PAC number and was sent the same one.  What on earth is going on?  I don’t think my nerves can take any more.  In all my 35 years of dealing with mobile phone companies I have never had such appallingly bad service.  My only move next is to complain to OFCOM.

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We’re terribly sorry to hear the difficulties you’ve had there @Plod 

We’ve sent you a private message on here now in order to get some further details to help you get this disconnection request sorted.

I wish to cancel my sim only contract under my 14 day cooling off period. I decided this 1 hour after I gave you my bank details for a DD. and have been trying to cancel for the last 2 days. I cannot sign in as you say not correct name or password. You do not recognise my account by my mobile no as you say no record of this. You have not got a PAC no from my previous provider [ because  I  am staying with them ] so I cannot use your service. BUT YOU STILL HAVE ALL MY BANK DETAILS AND I WOULD LIKE CONFIRMATION THAT YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGING ME FOR A SERVICE I CANNOT OR WANT TO USE. You also say “do not cancel your DD with the bank as you will still be billed every month and defaulting on payment will result in a bad credit rating. 


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Hi @Moisy,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now to get that 14 day cancellation performed for you.



I would like to cancel my sim only contract. I have looked extensively , Live chat is not working. How do I cancel please?




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Hi @Newuserhannaht,

I am sorry to hear about that issue. Our Live Chat bot should usually put you through to an advisor when one is available. Have you tried to cancel your plan via your online account?