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cancelling id contract

  • 10 June 2022
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I bought a mobile phone 3-4 years ago with ID mobile contract. Unfortunately I didn’t use the SIM card at all, and I don’t know every details already, so I have to cancel it as I wrote I didn’t use the SIM card. 

I didn’t find a phone number to ask a cancellation and also I can’t use the chat as I don’t know my account details too.

Also I accidentally deleted the direct debit, and I started receiving a letter from CARS.


What can I do?




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7 replies

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You sent a link how to cancel my contract which is not working.


1st: I can’t login as I don’t know neither the email address neither the code. Live chat isn’t working for the same reason.


2nd: I don’t use the ID SIM card at all and I don’t know where is it, so I can’t call the 7777 too.


The post is about this, because I don’t see what else I can do.



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You don't need to login to an existing account or know the iD Mobile phone number you were assigned with to speak to a live chat agent. Whn connected to the chat bot just type "Speak to a person" and you will be connected to a real person.




Unfortunately the live chat isn’t working at all.


I tried 5-10 times all day and this is the message when I try to contact the live chat.

I made a pic of the last try.


This is the reason why I opened the topic.





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Log out of your iD Mobile community account, it’s a know issue. Once you log out (STAY LOGGED OUT) you will be able to access live chat. 👍

Sorted, thank you

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Hi @Imre Dave Demko,

Let us know if you still need any help here.




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