Cancelling my iD contract

  • 15 March 2021
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My contract finishes on 04th April 2021.

My latest monthly bill shows line rental being charged for the period from 11th March 2021 to 10th April 2021 (my billing cycle is from 11th to 10th).

I’ve already requested a PAC code which is valid until 09th April 2021 so if I switch to the new provider on 5th April 2021 and use my provided PAC code, would I need to pay anything else to iD considering my last monthly bill should cover me till 10th April 2021.




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3 replies

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Hello @Subhirrana,

That should be correct as long as you have no additional usage.

Since you’ve paid until the 10th April 2021, then cancelling on the 5th means you’re out of contract there.


Best to leave the Direct Debit active anyway until the 25th April 2021 (just incase you have extra charges or have got the wrong end date etc) but we wouldn’t expect any payment.



Hi Mohammed,

thanks for your reply.

In that case, I believe, I’d be able to make a request to port my number to the new provider even today (without being charged any penalty as iD website suggest that such a request can be made 30 days before the contract end date) and in my case, I believe my contract end date is 4th April 2021.

Could you please confirm that my understanding above is correct?



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Hi @Subhirrana 


Yes, you can port your number over as of today's date and you would not be charged a penalty as you have already paid your line rental in advance.



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