Early Contract Cancellation

  • 10 May 2021
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I would like to know how much the early cancellation of my contract would be, and how much notice I need to give. I would like to speak to a member of staff.

3 replies

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Hello @David7 

If would you like to find out how much you will need to pay if you decide to cancel you could send a text INFO and your date of birth in a format of DDMMYY to 85075. As example you message should look like this INFO 120689.

Notice period is 30 days from the day you request to cancel. After that final bill will be produced and any outstanding amounts will be added there.


I hope this will help you a little bit while you are waiting for iD Mobile staff member to reply to you. 


Kind Regards


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Thanks, I knew this anyway. I was wondering if the amount you are quoted to pay when you do that is likely to change, once the 30 days is up and the final bill is given?

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Hello @David7,

The amount quoted is at the time of requesting to check how much it would be to cancel today.

The amount won’t include any bills currently generated, add-ons or extra usage etc.

So yes, the amount will reduce as bills are paid, but effectively, you’re going to be paying those bills anyway so it shouldn’t matter here even if the figure reduces.