• 4 May 2021
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I have been an ID mobile customer for over 3 years now, and have appreciated how simple and great your service is! Up until now. 


I recently lost my mobile phone and have tried to contact you regarding this. Sadly my account name is still under my ex partners name and therefore the agent I spoke to was unable to access my account. The agent over the phone said if my ex partner contacts them to confirm the cancellation of my SIM contract then that would be okay.


Therefore I had to speak with my ex partner and ask him to help me with this, which in itself was quite painful for both of us and resulted in a lot heart pain and tears for us both.


Only to then have my ex partner be told by ID that my account was now High Risk and he could not cancel over the phone but would have to go into a Carphone Warehouse Store, and provide proof of his identity to cancel the account, which is a complete, not to be too rude, but to be honest is a complete ball-ache!


I then tried to log into my account again, trying to remember my password, which I think due to a lot of stress I have forgotten, and it is very annoying, however I am only human and as humans we are by nature forgetful, especially with how many passwords we have to remember these days.


Also what is more annoying is that to change my password I have to have my phone to get a verification code, which is completely silly, as i don't have my phone, because I sadly have lost it! 

Why can I not get a verification code by email to reset my password? 

ID does not give you that option.


So, I went back onto ID mobile website and launched another live chat yesterday, only to be left waiting as the agent was figuring something out, then the chat disappeared, and I decided to email the ID complaints instead.


only to discover the email for your complaints department is no longer in use. 


I understand in order to change my details on the account that I have to provide you with proof of my identity with photo documents etc. 

I feel that if I could verify myself with a code through email to change my password, or if you could allow my ex partner to cancel over the phone this would be much simpler, I don't see how any of this is necessary as I am not doing anything illegal to cancel my contract that I have been paying for very well for the past 3 years.  


I just don't know why things have to be so complicated, when the bottom line is you are taking my money for the service ID Mobile provides and I am in distress by losing my phone and if I could I would have accessed my account online and cancelled that way you wouldn't have known any different, but I couldn't and so now everything has become much harder than it needs to be! 

And so the good get punished, meanwhile there are many people out there taking the piss every day and getting away with it.  


And now I have probably raised my blood pressure, and caused myself more unnecessary stress.


I hope this all makes sense and look forward to a helpful reply.


Yours faithfully, and frustrated

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Hi @Suze91 , thanks for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear of your recent experience with us, and I appreciate this can’t have been easy.

I am afraid that as the account is in your ex’s name, we would be unable to access the account without speaking with them for security reasons. I am not sure what the problem would have been when he called without accessing the account. In order to get this cancelled he would need to contact us directly please.