got bill after cancelation durind 14 days

  • 24 March 2021
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i Bought ID Sim some days ago and cancelled my contract within 7 days because net speed was very slow on my area,i have talk to them via chat and she told me I am cancelling within 14 days so she gonna send me back my money, but today i gor bill from them?? its very bad they dont have proper email or telephone to talk,  what should i do for that bill?regards Mansoor

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2 replies

I got a bill again with 10 Pounds 

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Hi @Mansoor,

When returning a plan, even within 14-days, you will still be billed for the time that the plan was active. Once the return has been completed on the system, a final bill will be issued and this will be a revision of what you owe or it will likely contain a refund if you have already paid the month in full.