i cant cancel my account as i do not have the mobile number for my account

  • 13 March 2021
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I do not have an online account and cannot register to cancel my contract as I do not have my mobile number as I only used the sim for data in my car. Please can you urgently assist as I have been trying to sort this for over a month. 

Thank you. 

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8 replies

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Hi there @Jacko1989 

Have you tried contacting our Live Chat Team:

Or, if you have either Facebook or Twitter you could reach out to our official iD Mobile Facebook or Twitter pages and send us a message there and we’ll be able to assist you there today as needed.


If you’re having problem with any of the above messages, then please let us know by reply here and we could send you a private message to try and take further details to help here if need be. 

I am in the same situation as the person above! I have been trying to cancel my contract and now I'm having letters sent to my house! But I'm unable to register and it doesnt recognise my mobile number! I dont think going through facebook or Twitter will help me, I am just want it cancelled 

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Hello @JessicaYoung,

The Mobile number is the one that’s active on the SIM.

I’ll send you a PM so we can take a look into this further and help you cancel this.





Hi Kevin, 


Please send me a private message so I can give you further details to get this resolved as the online chat doesn’t work as it’s always the online bot which doesn’t help. 

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Hello @Jacko1989,

I’ll send you a PM so we can look into sorting this for you.




I am having exactly the same problem as you too!!! ID not letting me cancel my contract......I am going round and round in circles with link to customer services at bottom instructions takes me back to the start. No where obvious to put my STAC code. Thinking of getting watchdog involved and getting a case against them! It is utterly ridiculous how difficult it is to cancel a contract  .....illegal I am sure.…


Online bot is useless and just gives me links I have already followed to the word 


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Hello @SWITCH 


We’re sorry you’re considering leaving us.

There are different ways to cancel depending on whether or not you’re switching to another network provider, and whether or not you want to keep your phone number.

Before you leave, you’ll need to know if you have any charges to pay, and you may need a PAC or STAC code. As of the 1st July 2019, every network is required to give you this information immediately if you ask for it. You can do this via text, the iD Mobile App or your online account.




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