I don't have my sim, don't know what the number is, and have no way of getting it

  • 27 August 2019
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I’ve lost my sim - never used it! And want to close my account but can’t do it without the number. Please advise what I need to do

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Hey @Karenphilips17

Your number will be on the paperwork that you received with your sim card. If you don't have these documents anymore you can look into your email that you provided to iD when purchasing your contract, search for email with title "welcome to iD" and you will find your number there.

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I don’t have the email or the paperwork. As I said, I have no way of getting it
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Hey @Karenphilips17

Every customer that purchase new contract is receiving this email. I am 100% sure you should have it there. Just need to checked the email that was registered upon purchase.

You can maybe try sending an email to  and see if they can help you. Remember to include your:

Community nickname
Link to this thread
Full name
Date of birth
Full address

Hopefully guys can find your number in their system by looking up these details.

Kind Regards

I did receive it but delete emails to manage my inbox. I will call them


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