I'm being charged for my contract but can't cancel this?

  • 13 September 2020
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I went for a 1 month contract, but found I needed to cancelled to avoid been charged for another month, it wouldn’t let me do it till after my first month ended. Then I find I’ve been charged for another month, and I stopped using the sim weeks before the end of my first month, and I hardly used the sim. I can’t seem to find where I log my complaint, any help?




3 replies

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Hello  @nbowers,


You can request a cancellation via the iD app/account by logging in then clicking My Account > End my plan

Alternatively, request a STAC/PAC code and use these to cancel the services.


Whilst a cancellation has not been done, the account will remain active and you’ll continue to be billed.

Let us know if you still are unable to do this and we’ll try to help.




Hi please my contract 24 months contract is ending on 15th of this months but I have been billed for another month again. My contract was phone and sim .

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Hello @Emmanuel Baafi,

When you want to cancel your contract, you would need to submit a 30-day disconnection (if you are not keeping the number).

Your bills are still produced as normal during this time and after your notice period, we would credit you for any line rental we have overcharged you for.


Can you confirm if you wanted to keep your number for the contract or happy to lose this?