identity fraud

My father has received letters in his name about an account being set up. He is not an ID mobile customer nor is anyone else in my household. This is a fraudulent account and is identity fraud! Can you please close this account down ASAP. Thanks

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Hi @Zazam ,

I am so sorry to hear this has happened, I understand this must be very upsetting. Please can your Father obtain a Crime Reference Number and contact us directly? We will ensure this is sorted for him.

Hi how does he obtain a crime reference number? Also how would you like my father to contact you? Can you give me a direct number?


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He can do this here with Action Fraud -

He can then contact us here, via social media, or through live chat on our website.

My father does not have social media hence why I am contacting you!! Surely you can investigate this straight away. Also action fraud not does deal with Scotland. 


Live chat on your website only work if you have an ID mobile number. No one in my household is an ID mobile customer!

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Hi @Zazam,

Please ask your father to create an account on this Community so we can help him directly.