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Odered a new SIM accaidentally, Can't cancel new plan

  • 18 April 2020
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 I’ve got a bit of a problem.  I’ve currently got a 24-month contract with ID that is set to finish next month, I noticed the other day that I could upgrade to a different contract as mines nearing completion. I decided that as I am happy with my current phone (for the moment) that I would move to a SIM only deal keeping my current number and phone instead of upgrading to a new phone. I followed the upgrade options and ordered a monthly sim using the same ID mobile account as my current contract, I received the SIM and  used a spare phone to activate the SIM to check the number and realised that the number and plan was different (I must have mistakenly ordered a new SIM instead of upgrading my current contract) . I have been charged the first month of the new contract (which is fair enough) and have cancelled the direct debit for the new plan as I was unable to end it using the app/website and didn’t want  to be charged agian (the direct debit for my current plan is still active and the plan is still running).

Ideally I would like to end this new plan I have set up and then move my current plan into a SIM only plan if possible, keeping my old number (although just ending the new sim is the mian concern at the moment)


Thanks very much for your help


7 replies

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Hi @sbrown981006 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hi please could I speak to someone... I have changed my son's plan and been sent a new sim but requested to keep the same number. Inserted new sim but the number has changed


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Hello @Anna Laidler,

There’s only online support at iD Mobile, so you can’t talk to anybody.

Sounds like you’ve ordered a new SIM plan, not changed your son’s plan.

If you upgraded through the iD app, or your son’s iD My Account online, he would’ve kept the same number after upgrading.

Your son might have two contracts with iD now, if you didn’t upgrade his plan as you thought. If so, you’ll need to port the number anyway from iD, then port back to the iD plan you want for your son, to keep the number.

The iD staff working in this community are about one week behind with responses to member posts, so you could be waiting for several days or longer before iD read your post.

I recommend the iD Live Chat service to get this fixed quickly - anyway, good luck.


I have two children with two pay as you go Sims. I stupidly have their accounts at the same email address and password so can only see one. Thomas Laidler is all sorted but Sam Laidler needs to put new sim in and keep his old number. How do you we do that as number on the white sheet that came with the new sim is different from his old number 

We have put his old aim back in his phone for now whilst we wait for a response


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Okay @Anna Laidler, I don’t work for iD.

It sounds like Sam has two SIM plans with iD Mobile.

You cannot move a mobile number from one iD contract to a different iD contract.

To keep the number linked to the ‘old’ SIM that Sam is using, you will need to:

  1. Get a PAC from iD and take the number you want to keep to a new provider.   
  2. Once the new provider as got Sam’s number working, ask them for a PAC.
  3. Use the PAC from step (2), to bring Sam’s number back to iD, to the ‘new’ SIM for Sam.

Anyway, good luck. 

Sam is staying with ID. He has just the plan and kept the same phone. Thomas' new number has moved to the new sim but Sam's hasn't.

Why is this?

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Sorry @Anna Laidler, I don’t know, because I don’t work for iD.

From what you’ve posted so far, seems like you ordered a new SIM for Sam by mistake - you have not managed to change or upgrade Sam’s plan.

If both Sam’s SIM cards are pay-as-you-go, stop using the new one, to keep the mobile number you want.

For an answer from iD Mobile, use the iD Live Chat service - anyway, good luck


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