PAC Code after contract ended

  • 28 July 2021
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Hi everyone

My phone contract ended on Tuesday. I requested a PAC code and and was initially told that this would be possible.

Later that day, I was told by another agent that I wouldn’t be able to because the phone number was no longer in use. I raised a complaint and was told someone would contact me in 48 hours. 

I wasn’t contacted within the time scale so I chased it with another online agent. She couldn’t explain why I wasn’t contacted and raised yet another complaint. 

I have read on previous message boards that some people have been able to get their number back. 

Will this be possible? 

Thanks in advance 

3 replies

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Hi @Pat80,

I am sorry to hear that you did not receive a call back regarding your complaint. When a plan has ended, we aren’t able to generate a PAC code using our normal process as it becomes more complex due to the account being deactivated. 

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your complaint further. To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:


Hi Ryan


Thank you for your response. I have replied to the private message. Hopefully I will get a response soon.  

I had a missed call from ID today, however I requested an evening call when setting up the complaint as I am unable to answer my phone in the day. 

Kind regards



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Hi @Pat80,


I’m confident we’ll be able to get this sorted for you, one way or another.