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PAC code rejected by ID

  • 4 April 2022
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I requested a PAC from ID and moved to a new network submitting the PAC. All seemed fine as my new provided accepted the PAC but a week later the number hasn’t transferred and after lengthy chats with the new provider the say ID refused the PAC transfer request. My old ID account is now cancelled so I can’t access anything and can not find any useful information to get this resolved. Please help me take my old number. 

4 replies

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Hello @Dlepell,

The OFCOM number porting rules state the gaining mobile network is responsible for completing the number port.

They should be getting this sorted directly with iD Mobile. What has your new provider told you?  

Anyway, good luck.

Interesting, thanks. They said it had been accepted by them and ‘rejected’ by ID

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That’s strange @Dlepell - your PAC was issued by iD and accepted by the gaining mobile network, so you’d have thought everything would be okay.

Anyway, this will be a good test of your new mobile provider’s customer service because under OFCOM rules they are responsible for completing the number port to their network - good luck.


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Hey @Dlepell, as @andewhite says, your new network provider should have a communications channel with our Porting Team, so they should be able to get this sorted for you.


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