Still being charged after cancelled contract

  • 10 March 2021
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Can someone (from ID mobile would be nice….) explain why I am still being charged after my contract has ended? I owed a small amount which has now paid and have clicked the “end contract” / “cancellation of services”  or whatever it is but still it is showing my next “bill” for next month…?!

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Hello @janesabc,

When you cancel your contract, you would submit a 30-days notice if disconnecting or request a PAC code.

In the case of a PAC code, the account is only cancelled when the PAC code is used. If you don’t use it, the account remains active.


If this is not your case and you requested a 30-day disconnection, then what happens is your account will cancel in 30-days time. This is because you need to provide 30-days notice when cancelling.

During this time, bills are produced as normal, any payments due to be taken will be collected as normal.

Once the account has been disconnected, your final bill is produced. This only happens 24-hours after the disconnection completes.


Here, if there is any balance, we’ll collect this via the Direct Debit. If we over charged you, then we’ll provide a credit to the account.


If you still need help, please let us know.