• 20 February 2020
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I'm due my upgrade in a couple of weeks looking at £20 a month any suggestions?


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Hey @Dobson72 


It is very hard to recommend anything right now. There is many more variables to consider before we could make any recommendations. You know, we would like you to be happy with your new phone and I would like to know a bit more than price limit.


How much data are you going to use or have used so far on a monthly basis?

Are you iOS or Android kind of guy or it doesn't matter?

What shortcomings you would be willing to live with? You prefer better battery life, better camera, better screen and bigger screen? In this price range unfortunately will be hard to have it all. 

What is your current phone? Are you willing to try something new or stick with the same brand? 

Are you playing games on your phone or watch many videos? 

Do you own a smartwatch or other accessories that you would like to keep using with a new phone? 


Also, bare in mind that our recommended phone may not appear in your upgrade deals as they are personal offers to you based on your usage.  But we will see what out there to consider.


So far I have shortlisted few options but to choose the winner we need you to answer these questions above. 


My shortlisted phones are

Pixel 4 for £24.99/m with 1GB data

iPhone 8 for 25.99/m with 1GB and 12 months Apple TV subscription with usually is like £5 a month.

Galaxy A51 for £22.99/m with 2GB and £50 cashback


There is also Huawei P30 Lite New Edition, iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy A71 or Pixel 3a XL to consider. Also if you willing to spend a bit extra you could get Galaxy S10 Lite or Note 10 Lite with cashback deal. And if you willing to give a go less known brand that is getting popular very very quickly there is option with Oppo Reno 2Z. 


We shall wait for your answers and take it from there to find you the phone that hopefully will be pleasure to use rather than necessity :-) 


Kind Regards


Hi due upgrade 15may like Huawei p30 lite new edition but would like to see phone before I decide as shops closed what can I do thanks Tony

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We’d not be able to help at all with this as things stand @Welcome 123, and it’s hard to say when the retail world will start to return to normality.


The best suggestion I could give right now would be to read all you can online or check out some video reviews online perhaps?