Will an esim work on ID mobile - (Samsung gear S2 smartwatch)

  • 26 September 2018
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I have a Samsung gear S2 smartwatch which has embedded esim, I bought this from O2 about tow and a half years ago.
The esim has a 19 digit ICCID, which appears to be the same format as the ID mobile sim number, this sim number starts 89441100). I would like to know if ID mobile could swap register my existing gear S2 ICCID number against my new ID mobile phone number and if this would work. I called and chatted to an operator but they told me they could only swap the sim to an ID mobile sim number (which starts 89442001). This answer was given very quickly and I just wondered if this was because the operator was not clear what I was saying or did not know.
Is there anyone with any technical knowledge who could confirm if the operator is true or if there is possibility it would work.
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1 reply

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Hey @DaveCooperuk,

Thank you for your message! At this time, we don't have eSIM compatibility however we hope that this will be a feature we support in the future. Once announced, we'll be able to offer further insight into if and when your smartwatch will be supported.