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95p a month?

I only use a mobile in emergency.According to MSE the smallest package costs 95p a month.How do I get this as I can’t see anything less than £6?

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Link to source would be useful!

No idea how to do that.It is Money Saving Expert’s cheapest Sims.Live chat answered me saying that there is nothing less than £6 so it’s goodbye from me.

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So MSE have got it wrong then?

Yes,sure have.Still shown and 1p Mobile at 35p a month but you have to add £10 every 4 months.Wonder how accurate that is.I spent under £4 in the last year while Virgin offered Payg.

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No idea what you're trying to say in your response above but you should aim your complaint at MSE. 

Can’t find how to do so otherwise I would.

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Hi @Lawrence Angel, you can contact Money Saving Expert via email at furtherhelp@moneysavingexpert.com.


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