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Why has money been taken for a bill I’m unaware of 

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Are you a pay go customer?

Yes I am


But the bill is more that it is supposed to be 

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You’ve probably used your PAYG phone to do something that costs more than you thought or wasn’t eligible to be taken from your PAYG bundle.

Pay monthly customers get an itemised bill of all charges - not sure what a PAYG customer gets billing wise.

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Hi @Pumpum, it sounds like you might actually be a Pay Monthly customer, not Pay As You Go. Your bill could be higher for a number of reasons; you may have exceeded one or more of your allowances, sent a premium or MMS message, made an international call, bought an add-on, or used your phone abroad in a non-inclusive roaming destination.

Also, if you’ve recently changed your Direct Debit date, your bill may be higher. For example, if you pushed it back by two weeks, then your latest bill would cover those two weeks.

Take a look at the Billing section of the iD Mobile app to see if it shows you what the charges are for. If you’re still not sure, I’d recommend contacting the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams.


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