Can't make calls saying I have reached limit

  • 3 February 2021
  • 13 replies

I can't make calls saying that I have reached capped limit when my account is showing unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data remaining.

I am really not happy with this as I was supposed to make an urgent phone call and unable to do so.

Please help me with this. 

13 replies

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Hi @JewelT 

This does seem quite odd as you have unlimited mins. Are you trying to make a chargeable call by any chance?



No, I was trying to call the GP. Please I really hope that this can be resolved ASAP. If any additional information is needed to check what is up with my account please let me know. Thanks

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Has the error happened to just the one number @JewelT?


If you could try a couple of other numbers and let us know, that’d be great.



Yes I have already tried that

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Hi @JewelT 

We will send you a Private Message so we can look into this for you. To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages



I’m having the same issue. I have a plan with unlimited calls but when I try an 0845 number it states I have reached my capped limit. This is crap! 

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Hello @Damo73,

0845 numbers are not inclusive of your unlimited calls.

This is confirmed here:

We’d recommend raising your spend cap to allow the call to send for any 084 or 087 numbers.



I’m having the same problem ringing a standard number.

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That does sound odd, @Joseph. Is it just calls you’re having problems with? I presume the receiver isn’t outside of the EU currently?

I’d recommend jumping on Live Chat so the team can take a look at your account and raise a Trouble Ticket for you if necessary. 


Thank you,


I have the same thing today its totally stupid and annoying and has happened previously too.


Hi, I am unable to make calls as it says I have reached my capped limit which is crazy as I have unlimited calls and my account is also in credit.

Please get this sorted asap

I have sent a private message 

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Hi @cryptic3 

We understand you are no longer having this issue. If you were to experience this again, please let us know. 



I’m having the same issue (and not for the first time). My PAYG bundle renewed last night and now I can’t make any calls, send texts or use mobile data. The phone worked fine yesterday.

The dashboard shows full green on all three but when I make a call I get ‘you reached your capped limit’ message. I’ve tried calling landlines, my wifes mobile (also ID Mobile) and others that normally work, same ‘capped limit’ message.

Text messages are ‘Not delivered’. No internet connection when trying to use data.

All worked fine yesterday prior to bundle renewal.

I’ve removed the SIM and restarted it several times but no difference.

This is a real pain as the Track and Trace means I need Mobile data to log on when entering a restaurant/cafe/pub etc.

When this happened a year or so back, Support credited my account and it started working again.

I have already contacted Support/Live Chat but that was futile, even when I explained how it was fixed the last time.


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Hi @bigmacdougal 

We are sorry to hear this. 

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account, so we can discuss your issue further.
To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’.

Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:

We’ll see you there.