cannot cancel iD SIM contract - help please!

  • 26 November 2020
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Hi, I have a tricky situation… I have lost my SIM card which I used as a data SIM in my car (and therefore do not know the mobile number for it as never used it for dialling/receiving calls).

The support mechanisms for iD Mobile all require you to enter your mobile number so I cannot proceed. The app and website say that because my account has not been used for 6 months it is locked so I cannot cancel it that way either.

I cancelled my direct debit as had no other option but then got a message from a “no-reply” address saying that cancelling a direct debit would not cancel my SIM plan and that i would actually be charged extra!

Can someone please help me?  These automated support processes are OK for generic issues but fall down with complex issues like this when you need to speak to a human.


Best answer by stevebagge71 26 November 2020, 19:25

SOLVED…. account now closed

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SOLVED…. account now closed