i cannot cancell my contract as i cannot access ID app but no way of getting a reply from ID

  • 15 January 2021
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I cancelled my out of contract phone by email, ID have now told me this was not acceptable as it’s a ‘no reply’ email address, but it suited them to use it to tell me I was going to have to pay a 30 day cancellation fee - a joke.

when I try to contact ID they say use the app, I don’t have access to the mobile number to receive a text code to unlock the forgotten app password….Brexit looks easy in comparison!

i use the contact us facility on the web page….speak to a bot who says will hand you to an agent….no agents available so please try again another time...!

try the button that says ‘click here if you don’t have access to the mobile number’ takes me to complete a feedback survey as says thanks for getting in touch.

i see plenty of other complaints of this nature on here, so it seems common practice to make it difficult to cancel your contract...illegal I should think!

No one to help so I keep going round in circles, being charged for a phone that I don’t have and is out of contract.

1 reply

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Hi @Tom Redwood 

We are sorry to hear you have been unable to cancel your contract. We will send you a Private Message so we can help with this.