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I feel robbed!

  • 26 June 2022
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OK. I went to a cheaper package but is that a good enough reason to take away the role over data that I payed for and kept for a situation where my home WiFi could be out? 24 GIG just gone! I feel robbed! 


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5 replies

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Okay @Hans Alfred Kolberg, it sounds like you changed your plan - if so, your roll-over data is reset.

This is explained in the “How do I change my plan?” community article. 

Yes I know how it works. It still does not make it fair tough. As it is data I payed for and accumulated. 

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Okay @Hans Alfred Kolberg,

Sounds like you knew you’d lose your roll-over data before you changed your plan? 

Most mobile providers don’t roll-over data - if it’s that important, why aren’t you with Sky Mobile?


I did not know or expect it. I red it up later. Thanx for the suggestion of going to sky mobile I see they have some good deals and the phone I like at a good price. I will see through this month as I have already paid and cancel at the first opportunity. 

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Sorry you feel this way @Hans Alfred Kolberg!


As @andewhite says with any plan changes the rollover data will reset, if you need help cancelling please let us know here and we’ll PM you and help out with that.





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