I've Been Charged This Month Even Though I Paid 40.00 Altogether Towards This and Last Month's Bill

  • 13 January 2021
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Hi IDMobile, Hope You’re All Ok And Staying Safe,


So Today I Woke up And Saw On My Online Banking, That I Got Charged 30.83 From My Bill, the thing is, Last Month I Paid out 40.00 to go towards the bill for December and January (My regular bill is 20.00, but I did some extra things in the meantime that added on the 10.83 GBP that made this one 30.83) And Because Of This Extra Charge, I’ve Gone Over The Agreed Limit on my Account.


Please Help Me With This, It Was Quite Unexpected When I Saw It This Morning.


Kind Regards,



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Hi @Cain,


Are you saying you’ve gone over your limit with us, or your bank?


Are you advising that the bill is correct, you’re just not in a position to pay it at the moment?



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Hi @Cain 

If you are wanting to make a manual payment, 

Call 7777 from your iD phone, or 0333 003 7777 from a landline or other mobile. (Charges may vary)

Option 1
Check your allowances, check your spend limit and check your unbilled charges

Option 2
Hear your balance, make a payment

Hope this helps



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Hi Will, Hope You’re Ok


I’m Trying to Say That I’ve gone over my limit with my bank because I was charged £20.00 for this month’s ID mobile Bill even though I’ve Already Paid Out.


There Is An Extra £10.00 That I know I Have to Pay This month Cause I’ve done Extra Things That Have Charged My mobile.


I’m Also In a Position Where I Can Pay The 30.83.


Kind Regards,