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  • 16 November 2020
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I have had two id sim only plans  and have paced them to giff gaff in the last two or so months. (as I dont get any reception indoors).  the last one was £9.00 per month and I was given the appropriate pac code   In any event you took the amount owed two days after the pac and I assumed that you would take this as a months notice.  The second one  was in late october and thsi one was  paced  with the instructions and  it said I did not need to  do anything.


I have tried every route known to man to contact you with  absolutely no joy at all, web site , phone,  etc.  as I ahve paced both numbers  I have no idea as  any numbers you may have assigned to  either  and thus I apparantly don’t exist.  On top of various emails and a letter  threatening me with all sortsd of dire  threats.

If I actually do owe you £9.00   then would someone confirm this by return and I will pay it.  


Am I glad I left  your pathetic organisation


Alan Pearson

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Hi @Grumpi,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now so we can confirm any amounts owed.