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New Sim But No Credit

  • 21 May 2019
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I ordered a £5 bundle pay as you go sim paid the £5 when ordering it put it in my phone for the first time but when I try and make a call it says there is no credit. I have tried calling 7777 but it's useless, I either get a we're busy message or they are closed, chat is also a joke, nobody answers.
Am I missing something here? why have I no credit?


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8 replies

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Hi nomiS

Have you tried to register yet, please visit to view your account.

If there is any issue please email us so we can help get this sorted for you.


Yes I have registered and can log in when I view usage it says there is no credit and no bundles but it also says 2kb of data have been used. Called 7777 and they say there is no record of me on their system, they said the only option was to go to a Carphone Warehouse Store with ID, but I am an hours drive away from nearest store. Called Carphone Warehouse and was on hold for 40 minutes so gave up.
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Hi @nomiS

Did you originally order the SIM through our website, over the phone, or within a Carphone Warehouse?

From the sounds of things it would seem as though some problem has occurred with the initial setup of your account here. Though this is something we'll be keen to resolve.

In order to help though we'll need you to get in touch with us through one of the following options:

  • Dialling 0333 003 7777 for our Customer Services Team.
  • Reaching our Live Chat Team here:
  • Contacting our Social Media Team on Facebook or Twitter

If you're choosing to email us, please include in your email your iD Community username, your full name, home address and postcode, mobile number, and email address.


Same here,

ordered a pay as you go sim, meant to be preloaded with £20 with the intention to buy the unlimited bundle for 30 days.

however after receiving the sim card and installing in phone, the £20 is not there! No credit to buy a bundle and no bundles active! ID mobile / currys have gladly taken the £20 but provided with no actual bundle or credit!

unable to speak to anybody, tried several robots and around 10 different people for Currys online etc and no joy! 
Wanted to ‘try’ the ID mobile network and experience before signing up to a direct debit etc but I certainly will not be bothering after this shambles! Robbed of £20 with no solution. Can’t even seem to return the sim card for a refund. Who knows where to go now? Any ideas?

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There’s no telephone support with iD Mobile - it’s 100% online.

How long have you had the iD PAYG SIM?

Did you buy online from iD, or was it from Currys online or in-store?



I got it yesterday, bought from Currys online but no help from anyone. Seems the preloaded sim isn’t so preloaded. Wants me to add another £20 from the wallet to buy the said bundle!

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As you’ve purchased from Currys online, you’ve got 14 days to return the item.

If you want a refund you’ll need to do this via the Currys website - try their Returns & Refunds page.

Anyway, good luck!


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Hi @HB12345, I’d recommend contacting the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams so they can take a look at your account.


Thank you,



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