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pay as you go bundle saying i have reached limit even though i have not used all my allowances

Help please!!

I’m unable to join a live chat to solve this issue. Hoped someone can help on here?

I have gone to make a phone call within my monthly bundle allowance but it’s saying I have reached my capped limit even in though I haven't used up my allowances for that month - my call and messges are unlimited and have only used part of my data allowance.

I cannot use my phone for anything, automated message is saying top pay a bill. this is not right as I pay monthly not via direct debit and payment has cleared. This has happens mid month before next payment is due.

Can anyone advise please 


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Messaging in this online forum isn’t real-time, so it could be several days or longer before iD Mobile read your post.

It might be quicker for you to contact iD Mobile via facebook (Messenger) or twitter (by direct message).

Best to contact iD between 9am - 6pm - that way you can speak privately with an iD agent about your iD account.

Managed to contact via live Chat to be sent a new SIM card, this has not resolved my issue. I topped up after activating my new SIM and still the same problem. (Apparently I’ve reached my capped limit). 

I’ve seen others have had the same issue before.. has any actually had a resolution to this??

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Perhaps this is caused by a problem with PAYG billing system used by iD?

What are your monthly allowances?

What have you set as your capped limit?

In any event, someone at iD needs to look at your account and explain what’s going on - I stand to be corrected on this, but I don’t see why the SIM card would cause a billing issue. 

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There is no spend cap limit on iD Mobile Pay Go, only Pay monthly.

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Hi @Monzie, I’d recommend contacting the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams and asking them to raise a trouble ticket for you.


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