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sim not working, can't access pre-bought bundles

  • 28 September 2021
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I purchased a £20 pay as you go bundle and have put my sim in and requested my old number. Its states that my old number will be transferred on the 28th Sep which is today but still has not. Therefore my sim isn’t working and I can’t get mobile data. Are these problems linked? will I be able to get my pre-paid £20 bundle when my old number is transferred? 

3 replies

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Hello @Esuh Kang,

The number transfer can sometimes take up to 10pm on the day of the transfer.

There’s more information on number porting here.

Good luck!

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Your bundle should be linked to your My Account, not the iD mobile number you have.

Have you registered for the iD Online My Account service?

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Hi @Esuh Kang,


Has that gone through yet? Did you register an account?




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