Top up and upgrade not crediting the account

  • 16 January 2021
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I have added two top ups and an upgrade to my account. My account shows these have been made but still shows I only have 1p credit. I can’t make calls or send an sms. I’m now abroad without a working phone. Urgent help needed. 


Best answer by Mohammed 20 January 2021, 16:45

Hello @Dermott,

We’ll PM you now so we can check this further.




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8 replies

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Hi @Dermott,


Where is it you’re currently at at the moment?



Hi Will. I’m in South Korea. 

Hi Will
Can you please advise? Thank you. 

Hi @Will 

Are you able to help?

thank you


Due to the listed issues (no service), no response despite trying Twitter, Facebook and community, a ‘bounceback’ from the complaints email address I have cancelled any future payments. Please consider this message my cancellation. I appear to have no other means of communicating with you. It seems I am far from alone in having issues with ID mobile. I have also contacted Which to make them aware. 

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Hello @Dermott,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

We’re working to reply to the oldest posts first and each time you’ve bumped this topic, you’ve effectively reset this and made it a new post again.

If you’re on a PAYG plan then the account would automatically be cancelled after no recorded usage within 4 months.

If you still wanted us to take a look at the issue with the top-up please let us know, we’ll PM you here and can check this further.




Yes. Please look atthe issue. 

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Hello @Dermott,

We’ll PM you now so we can check this further.