can i change the name on my contract when i upgrade?

  • 1 August 2019
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I would like to upgrade with iD to get a good deal on a new phone. My current contract is in my dad’s name but I would like to pay the phone bill myself and have it count towards my credit score. Would I be able to change the name during the upgrade?

2 replies

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Hi @Edev

Unfortunately iD Mobile does not support change of ownership and upgrade offers are tight to your dad's account as they are exclusive to each customer but I am not sure if that would be possible during an upgrade. Lets wait for @Ryan or @Mohammed to shed some light on this topic . You can change direct debit details though and set it up to be paid from your account, slight drawback would be that it won't count to improving your credit score.

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Hey @Edev,

We wouldn't be able to change the name on a contract, even when upgrading. If you are wanting a contract in a different name, you would need to purchase a new one for yourself.