From phone contract to sim only

  • 5 March 2021
  • 7 replies

Tried to upgrade to sim only contract, was about to pay. Put bank details in and it says card has been declined though it shows up on my bank statement as pending. Any way to sort this?

7 replies

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Hmmm, that is a little odd @Solvita2011.


Is the card you’re using registered to the same name and address we have for you on our system? What amount is pending?





yes my card is the same and billing details too. 
It’s only £0.01 but I have tried it 4 times now and all 4 times are pending so obvs they haven’t been declined. I just want to upgrade to sim plan, if u can’t do that then unfortunately I will have to look for a new provider. 

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Hello @Solvita2011,

Have you tried speaking to your Bank to see if they can advise why this is being declined?

They can lift any blocks if there is one in place.



Well no cos it’s the same account I pay my direct debit with and it’s pending in my account :( 

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Hi @Solvita2011,

We would recommend contacting our Live Chat Team here in regards to your plan change to see what they can advise. Let us know how that goes.


Unfortunately havent been able to speak to any of advisors as its always automated response :( There is no way to gen in touch with an actual person which is ridiculous.

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Hi @Solvita2011 

We are sorry to hear you were unable to get through to the Live Chat team. Feel free to speak to our iD Sales team on  0800 049 0250 and an advisor can help process the sim deal for you.